Office Move & Efficiency: The True Story of a Very Special Move

In the fast-paced realm of business, every second counts. In the event of an office move, the significance of a smooth transition can thus not be overstated to ensure no disruptions occur.

Last weekend, we had the pleasure to accompany a very special customer: our parent company ASI Logistics as well as our own teams!

The move was completed within a single day, allowing for ASI Logistics’ and ASI Movers’ teams to resume work seamlessly the following Monday in a brand new environment! How did we do it?

Today, we invite you to delve into the process of this very special move that hits very close to home!

Precision in Motion: Planning for a Seamless Move

In the world of office moves, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. ASI Movers understands this and takes pride in crafting tailor-made solutions that align with your company’s unique needs, priorities, and operations.

Prior to the office move, ASI Movers teams collaborate closely with our customer, in this case, ASI Logistics, to create a comprehensive solution tailored to fit their specific needs and priorities.

A dedicated relocation agent conducts a pre-move consultation in order to gain a deep understanding of the company’s operations, timeline, requirements, and fragile or sensitive items requiring special care.

ASI Movers leaves no stone unturned in understanding your specific requirements, ensuring you enjoy a relocation plan custom-built for your organization.

Packing With Purpose: Enabling Smooth Transition for Team Members

ASI Movers provided packing materials in advance, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap & filling paper, as well as label stickers, thus allowing our teammates to pack their personal belongings according to their preferences.

Employees thus had several weeks to start sorting through their items and prepare for the move, while ensuring a smooth transition once in the new office.

Labeling for Efficiency

Ever wondered how ASI Movers achieves seamless transition for your home or office move? The answer lies in their secret weapon: labels!

Just like we do for personal effects moves, each carton and item (including furniture, appliances, and electronic devices) received a special sticker indicating its destination in the new office.

These labels minimized disruptions, eliminating the need for employees to look for their belongings as well as the risks of loss, and ensuring a smooth settling-in process.

Thanks to this meticulous labeling, we are able to minimize disruptions and enable swift identification and placement of items in the new office, so that operations can resume instantly. g>

A Team of Experts to Ensure a Safe and Efficient Move

On Saturday, our experienced team of packers and movers sprang into action! Thanks to their expertise and attention to detail, they swiftly and carefully packed, transported, unloaded and unpacked the company’s items, ensuring their protection during transportation and their readiness when the teams resumed work.

Secure Transportation

ASI Movers utilized their specialized vehicles and equipment to transport the packed items to the new location. By adhering to rigorous safety standards and efficient loading, we safeguard the belongings throughout the journey.

Unpacking & Setup

Upon arrival at the new office, the ASI Movers team diligently unloaded the items, guided by the labels attached to each and every one of them, thus ensuring they are placed in their designated location and guaranteeing a seamless transition.

Fine-Tuning and Care

ASI Movers takes the extra step to ensure a flawless move by fine-tuning the setup and paying attention to details such as protecting lifts, walls, and floors.

Delicate technical equipment, such as computers and IT items, receive special care to ensure their safe and functional installation.

Seamless Transition for Smooth Operations

Thanks to the expertise and meticulous planning of ASI Movers, the office move for ASI Logistics and ASI Movers was completed within a single day.

By minimizing disruptions, ASI Movers enabled team members to seamlessly transition into their new workspace, allowing them to focus on what they do best—moving goods around the world!

Moving Soon?

Why should you choose ASI Movers as your trusted partner in the office move adventure?

  1. Precision Protection: ASI Movers’ expert teams go above and beyond to safeguard your surroundings during the move, ensuring the protection of lifts, walls, and floors. No accidental scratches or bumps to worry about!

  2. Customization and Efficiency: At ASI Movers, we embrace the uniqueness of every move and ensure that our solutions fit your organization and its needs. Our experienced teams are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition, no matter the origin or destination!

  3. Sensitive Items: Delicate technical equipment, such as computers and servers, receive the utmost care from ASI Movers. We understand the importance of these valuable assets and handle them with precision and caution, ensuring their safe arrival at the new office.

  4. Securing Your Confidentiality: Confidential data and vaults require special attention. ASI Movers collaborates closely with respective managers to plan a separate and secure move, prioritizing the protection of your most sensitive information.

  5. Departmental Harmony: ASI Movers recognizes the intricacies of different departments within your organization. Through meticulous planning and coordination, we develop a relocation schedule that minimizes disruptions, allowing each department to seamlessly resume their operations.

For the past 15 years, ASI Movers has been accompanying individuals, families and companies in their relocation journey.

No matter the origin, the destination, the volume, or the project, we design the most adapted moving solution to fit your needs and requirement!

Relocating Soon? Read this ultimate packing guide and enjoy a serene move!

Packing belongings seldom is people's favorite part of moving to a new place. It takes time and quite a bit of energy!

At ASI Movers, we believe that packing your belongings should be the least of your concerns when moving to a new home, whether on the other side of the world or across the street.

That is why, based on our 15 years of expertise in helping global individuals in their relocation projects, whether far or close, big or small, we prepared the answers and tips you will need to envision your upcoming relocation stress-free!

Professional tips for efficiently and safely moving your belongings

1. Start preparing for your move early

Easier said than done, we know, but it will give you enough time to sort through your belongings and determine what to bring with you and what to sell, donate or dispose of. Save time for later by sorting items you do not use often or that are out of season early on!

Tip: In Shanghai? 飞蚂蚁 (Flying Ant) provides clothing pickup services free of charge for anyone looking to rid of old clothes. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment.


2. Use the right supplies

Make sure you have plenty of sturdy boxes in various sizes, as well as packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper.

Remember to consider the climate as well.

Depending on the season and your destination, your belongings may be exposed to different temperatures and humidity levels while being stored and during transit. Use appropriate packing materials to protect sensitive items like electronics, artwork, and musical instruments. Hermetic bags and moister absorbers are other items you can prepare to ensure your belongings stay good as new!

Tip: If you choose to pack your belongings yourself, ASI Movers can deliver you the adapted packing materials you need in advance. Contact our relocation agent for more details.


3. Sorting, categorizing, labeling

The best practice when moving is to label each box with the room it belongs in and a brief description of its content. Your moving partner will issue a packing list, and we recommend you keep a room-by-room inventory of your items with you during your move.

Tip: When using ASI Movers’ packing and unpacking services, we take care of this step on your behalf and follow your indication for the placement of your belongings in your new home.


4. Filling the boxes

Packing is an art; trust us! Here are some of our best tips to pack like a pro if you choose to do it yourself or to take care of selected items yourself:

Pack heavy items first, and work your way up lighter ones.

Use bubble wrap for fragile items such as dishes, glasses, vases, etc., and do not hesitate to be generous in protecting your items.

Fill empty spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent items from shifting during the move.
Avoid overpacking boxes: we know it can be tempting to try to fit as much as possible in one box, but we recommend you be careful to avoid overpacking them as heavy or overstuffed boxes break easier and can become difficult to move.

Tip: Make sure you prepare a separate box for items you will need right after the move is completed to avoid having to open several the moment you arrive in your new home!

Tip: Ensure you carry essential documents with you during your move, like passports, birth certificates, financial records, etc.

The benefits of relying on a professional team of packers: efficiency & reliability

At ASI Movers, we believe that relocating involves so much more than moving items from one place to another. From saying goodbye to friends to preparing for your arrival in your new home, we know that there is a lot on your mind.

Taking care of your belongings should be the least of your concerns in these busy times, and that is why ASI Movers offers end-to-end moving solutions that include professional packing and unpacking.

1. Save time & reduce stress

Packing can be time-consuming, and sometimes even overwhelming, especially if you have other important tasks to complete before your move, but it does have to be. Hiring professional packers can take the stress off your shoulders and give you peace of mind knowing that your items are in good hands.


2. Ensure your belongings are packed securely

Professional packers have the experience and expertise to pack your items most safely and optimally, ensuring they arrive at your new home in the same condition as when they left.


3. Special items care

Some items are more complex to pack than others, either because of their design and shape, their material, their weight, or how fragile they are. For these special items, resorting to professional packers is the best fit as they have the experience of working with such goods most efficiently and securely.


4. Flexibility

We offer customizable packing services, enabling you to choose the level of service that works best for you.

At ASI Movers, we are dedicated to making your relocation process the easiest and smoothest possible, because there is so much more on your mind than just moving your belongings! We provide comprehensive moving services and customized solutions crafted to fit your needs, no matter your project.

Relocating out of China Soon? Read this guide!

We often wish that relocating could be as simple as boarding a plane and heading to new horizons.

Yet a move, especially to another country, involves slightly more than packing a suitcase. From making sure we retrieve all the administrative documents we might need, to saying goodbye to friends, all the while scouting for a new home at destination, and ensuring our pets can travel safely... it's a full time job!

To help you forsee your upcoming move concern-free, let's have a look at what lies ahead and how to best prepare for it!

At ASI Movers, we believe moving your belongings should be the least of your concerns!
Our goal? Ensure you can focus on what matters: closing a chapter of your life lightheartedly while preparing for what comes next peacefully!

The relocation process

A bit unsure of how a relocation unfolds?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to get a clear picture of what lies ahead!

Handy relocation checklist

Relocating to a new country also means preparing for a new life chapter. Here are our tips to ensure you will leave lightheartedly, problem-free, and with all the documents necessary!

Unlink your phone number from your WeChat account before closing it, or you might lose all your contacts!

Go through the same process for your Alipay account before closing your bank one.

Make a quick stop by the police station to get your criminal record, then via the Notary of Public Affairs to have your official documents lawfully translated.

Besides the criminal record, do not forget to check with your future employer and rightful authorities about your host country's immigration policy and requirements. In addition, remember to ensure the needed documents are valid on D-day, such as your passport, medical checkup, vaccination record, and letter of acceptance from your future employer. Also note that part of these documents might be necessary to allow your personal goods to be imported.

If you have a pet, consult your vet to ensure your companion is healthy enough to travel and adapt to a new environment, has received all vaccinations needed (especially rabies), and has the host country's required certificates. Some countries require your little friend to have a microchip and require a quarantine period.

Make sure to inform your landlord of your departure at least a month to a month and a half before the actual date. Remember to check your contract or the policy of your building. Heavy furniture may not fit in your elevator if you live on a higher floor. The moving company can arrange a forklift to process such a matter.

A moving project that fits your need

ASI Movers provides you with door-to-door, built-to-suit relocation solutions enriched by a wide array of value-added moving services to fit your needs.

At ASI Movers, we are dedicated to making your relocation process the easiest and smoothest possible, because there is so much more in your mind than just moving your belongings!

ASI Movers is a China-born international relocation company providing moving solutions to individuals, families and businesses alike.

Who are we? A multicultural team of relocation specialists strong of a decade-long expertise.

What do we do? We provide high-quality, tailor-made moving solutions and the know-how of a dedicated team to guarantee your peace of mind!

Our vision of relocation? Built-to-suit services and a customer-first mindset. Whether you plan to move a big volume or a lighter one, whether you prefer cost-effective solutions or the velocity of airfreight, we design the relocation project that best fits your needs!

How? Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, wide-array of value-added services, and worldwide network.

How We Take Care of Your Belongings: a Visual Guide

A relocation is, more often than not, pretty stressful. If you move to another neighborhood, city, or to another country, it means you have to adapt to a new environment and make this new place yours, deal with paperwork and, if you move with your family, that you also need to take care of your loved ones.

As a moving specialist, our aim is to make sure the relocation itself is not one of these concerns.

To give you a better idea of what moving with ASI Movers means, let us introduce you to how we take care of your belongings as well as to our 7-step relocation process.


Fragile Items

Art Pieces

Special Items

Our Philosophy

Our 7-Step Relocation Guide

The recent pandemic has greatly challenged global mobility, some of those living abroad have even found themselves unable to come back to their country of residence. Many have contacted us worried about retrieving the items that stayed behind.

We know how precious some of them can be, and have thus designed tailor-made solutions for those finding themselves in such a situation.

ASI Movers team would like to address a special thank you this week to the family who kindly let us document their move, and for their thoughtful insights!

Returning Home: Why It Doesn’t Quite Feel Like Doing So

With the recent development of the COVID-19, and some foreigners now being prevented from reintering China (following the Chinese Government notice published last week), many of the people living abroad have experienced or will experience what going back home deeply feels like. Some of them might indeed not return to China after the epidemic.

Regardless of the latter, and the peculiar daily life it induces, returning to where you grew up, for a couple of weeks or a longer period, often comes with a weird feeling. Most of the environment you grew up in is similar to what it was when you left, and yet, you do not feel quite the same toward it.

The reason is simple: people living abroad go through very peculiar experiences that change what home means to them, as well as their identity. Understanding why and how these two notions evolve can be challenging, especially when being in the middle of it.

Today, we present you with an overview of why and how “home” becomes a blurrier and blurrier notion for those who have made the choice to leave their original one, and how is one’s identity modeled by one’s chosen location.



We also take the occasion to tackle a challenge that recently arose for all those who did not re-enter China before last week's announcement.

With China's recent notice stating foreigners cannot enter the country anymore, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, many people have started to to plan repatriating their belongings from China while already outside the country.

As such, if you or your relatives are in such a situation, ASI Movers team expresses you its deep support in these difficult times.

We obviously remain at your disposal to help coordinate this unplanned move the best way possible.

Stay safe and take care everyone!

Why Does Living Abroad Affect your Definition of Home

You arrive in this new place, whom customs, traditions, and maybe language you are not familiar with. The concept of culture shock is a useful tool to understand how the sense of home is built when relocating.

In The Art of Coming Home, Craig Sorti breaks it up in 4 steps: honeymoon, negotiation, adjustment and adaptation. It’s also useful to note that, if we consider going to another country after, or back home, the process follows a W shape.

What makes us able to overcome the crisis state, and eventually adapt to the new place we live in, is our emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience is the psychological ability to adapt to the challenges coming to you by developing psychological and behavioral capabilities that allow you to remain calm during crisis, moving on from the past incident (in that case relocating to a foreign environment) without long-term negative consequences. Depending on the person, this process can take more or less time and effort. For most global nomads, this ability indeed increases, becoming a habit. It's aslo a useful concept to understand our reactions toward the epidemic the world is currently living.

When completed, it nevertheless has changed you as you have indeed faced an identity dilemma. You have accepted and overcome the discrepancies between your past and present lives and environments. It requires you to determine what your core values and beliefs are, which will remain constant throughout your life, which ones will be ditched, and integrate aspects of the local identity into your own. The "nomadic lifestyle" can thus be summed up in a search for congruence in our sense of who we are, no matter where we are.
This integration can also be very trivial and as simple as changing your consumption habits, the way you behave in the street or address people. In that sense, you are changed by your new environment, which now becomes home to you.

Why Going Back Home Often Doesn't Quite Feel Like Doing So

When returning back home, you would at first expect to completely fit in, as you have just got back to a familiar environment and set of known cultural references. However, it’s often not the case, for three main reasons:

  • You have adapted to your life abroad: as stated, following the U-curve previously described, you have adapted to your life abroad, picking up the local habits, the codes, and the way of thinking. You thus now have to go through the second part of the curve i.e. readapting to home. Your whole lifestyle has been affected and might not be congruent at all with your original one.
  • You have changed because of your experiences abroad and what you have learned being far from your home country. What you know about the world, and thus your opinions, have enriched and might not totally fit with the lifestyle you used to have.
  • Home has changed and/or is not similar to the image you kept in mind. Living abroad also means life continues back home without you being completely involved, the environment you were used to (economic, political, cultural, and even physical) has evolved, and even your friends have changed with time. You might also have kept in mind an idealized or, on the contrary, a negative image of home, and comparing it with the reality when returning is can be disorientating.

Consequently, home, more often than not, feels foreign. Not only has it changed while you were away, but you also see it differently, as if you had put new lenses on. In some cases, you can even feel marginalized, become critical toward your home town/country which can eventually lead to exhaustion and depression.

Home for Global Individuals: A Complex Notion

As such, the notion of home has a very peculiar sense for global individuals. This is due to the fact that it is tightly linked to their identity, and the latter is in their case more prone to acculturation (the assimilation to a different culture, typically the dominant one). Remember that your identity is obviously also shaped by your social groups, your role in a given society, your "group memberships", etc.

One can then easily understand how the place we live in affects our identity and thus where we feel at home: a different place means different social roles, different interpersonal interaction, different believes, etc. As such, one is continuously building his or her identity along the way, far from were he or she grew up. Coming back might then not feel quite aligned with who we are now. One is entitled to social roles and practices he or she has grown away from.

Yet, because the global lifestyle means having experienced sometimes multiple places of residence, one has often the feeling of belonging to all of them and none of them at the same time. The identity and sense of belonging to somewhere or something has grown apart from a specific location or culture, and is more linked to the nuclear family one has been moving with, a set of familiar objects, or even just the feeling of being in a foreign environment. In that respect, the sense of home is complex because it is intangible and its construction differs from one global individual to another, depending on his or her own journey and emotional resilience mechanisms.

In normal times, preparing your return, reviewing your expectations as to know which ones might not be met, defining a routine you feel comfortable following prior to coming back, enrolling in projects and activities that stimulate you and are in adequation with who you now are and taking time to reconnect to those who stayed are useful tools to make the best of your journey back.


In times like these, one might be in search for a feeling of safety which one’s home country can provide if the process is handled with enough preparation and care. It is indeed the perfect time to reconnect and share your experience!

For those undertaking this journey, we wish all the best, and good health on the way!

Take time for yourself, your loved ones, and the projects you care about!

Shanghai New Recycling Rules: What You Need to Know

Starting from Monday July 1st, it is compulsory for individuals and companies in Shanghai to sort their household trash.
Shanghai is the third largest and most populous city in the world! With a population of more than 26 million residents, Shanghai is the most trash generating city, with more than nine million tons per year. According to official statistics only 10% of the waste is recycled.
This new law will surely have a great impact on the city’s sustainability score. However, what does it mean for Shanghai’s residents and companies daily life? Let’s find out!

How does the new recycling system work?

 Waste has been divided into four types:

  • Wet trash: also called household food waste ( and represented by the color brown)

  • Recyclable: consists in papers, plastic, glass, textiles, metals (they must be cleaned first before being thrown away) and the bin is blue.

  • Dry trash: also named residual waste. You can throw in used tissue, dirty plastic bags, etc. The designated bin is black

  • And finally, hazardous waste: it encompasses any waste posing threats to the public health or environment. The trash bin is red.

To help you sort out and recycle effectively your rubbish, you can refer to the following tables:

What if you don’t comply with the new rules?

Individuals breaking the new trash sorting rules are going to be charged with 200 yuan, while companies and organizations risk fines up to 50000 yuan.

Why did China implement these rules?

For a while, China used to import and accept other countries’ waste for processing. In January 2018, the country enacted a plastic import ban, initiating its transition. Now the country is trying to tackle its own trash. The Chinese government is concerned about the country’s pollution issue and has started to take action in order to prevent further damage. Keep in mind that, according to the World Bank, China was expected to produce approximately 533 million tons of waste by 2030.

Moreover, China is in the sixth year of a “war on pollution” designed not only to clean up its sky, soil or water, but it also consists in utilizing comprehensively its resources, including waste.
A green revolution has started in Shanghai and it is about to spread quickly to the rest of the country. By 2020, the Chinese government is planning on expanding the recycling rules across 46 Chinese cities.

How is the response to this change?

The new sorting rules have left many residents scratching their heads over which bin to throw their rubbish into, although the government hired instructors and conducted more than 13,000 training sessions around the city, the confusion remains.
The topic went viral on Chinese Social Medias. On one hand, many people expressed their sympathy towards this sustainable measure, on the other hand numerous others are still worried about making mistakes.
Many apps were launched to help the residents sorting their waste. They are available on Wechat, Alipay and Apple store.

Test your knowledge on WeChat with this in-app game!

Companies seem to be struggling as well while sorting their waste. Hotels for example decided to ban disposable goods (like toothbrushes). Recently, many restaurants and food delivery companies banned plastic cutlery as well.

Times are changing in Shanghai towards a more sustainable city. However, as it is the case with any evolution, adapting requires efforts and might appear challenging. At ASI Movers , we believe in greener initiatives, yet understand the struggles such a sudden change can bring to our fellow expats, especially when one is still adapting to one’s new life in China!
Our aim remains to help you in your expatriation journey. Because it is hardly an easy task, and because relocating should be the least of your worries, we provide you with the most qualitative and comprehensive moving services from, to and within China!

ASI Movers in Vietnam!

Did you know that ASI Movers now has its own relocation team in Vietnam?

After France, ASI Movers sets its new teams in Vietnam, in our aim to continue expanding our qualitative services across the world. Our teams in both China and Vietnam collaborate and manage your move from packing to delivery at the destination in order to enable a smooth and stress-free relocation process for our customers.
Our operational teams are located in Ho Chi Minh city! Thanks to our 10-year experience, we will provide you the best service if you are planning to relocate from, to or within Vietnam! No matter the location, the quality of our services remains the same.

Our next stop: Singapore!

How to Move to/from China With Your Pet?

You are soon to relocate from/to China and you already sorted out moving your furniture? Awesome! But how about your pet?
What are the Chinese regulations regarding the moving process? Which documents you need to provide?
ASI Movers compiled a guide to help you navigate China’s pet entry-exit requirements.

Is it in your pet’s best interest to relocate with you?

At ASI Movers, we know that your pet is a member of your family. You have a special bound with him/her, and leaving your best friend behind is something hard to consider.
Nevertheless, as for humans, traveling when old or sick is never advised...
As such if your pet is one of these situations, you might consider finding him/her a temporary or a brand new home. Yet, if your best friend is not in one of those conditions requiring extreme decisions. ASI Movers team assures you a stress-free, event free process.

What about the Chinese regulations?

Starting from May 1st, 2019, China applied some changes regarding pet relocation. Animals passing the test inspection and coming from these countries (New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Guam, Jamaica, Iceland, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Macao) will no longer be subject to quarantine.
However if your pet is not entering from the mentioned countries, you can still avoid quarantine, only and only if, the pet is microchipped, vaccinated for rabies twice, and has a rabies titer test done.
With that being said, if your pet does not respond to these criteria, it will be required to spend 30 days in quarantine, fees are around 300 RMB. Afterwards your pet will be released, if it is determined to be healthy and passed all the tests successfully.

ASI Movers will advise to notify Chinese customs of your pet’s arrival to China.

Relocating to China

Now that you have taken the decision to switch home for the entire family, let’s go more in depth into the process and requirements we will handle with you.

Your pet will transit by Air cargo.
We will take care of the customs clearance at his/her arrival in China and deliver her/him to your residence.

Please note that this solution may require a quarantine of 30 days as suggested above.

Documents you will need to provide:

  • Your passport copy

  • A copy of your air ticket

  • As stated before, your animal will be required to have a microchip and you must provide us with the related documents.

  • Rabies vaccination record (issued more than 30 days and less than a year before travel),the record must be issued by Shen Pu government vet.

  • Your pet’s health certificate, which must be issued 7 days before departure

  • Your animal’s blood test

Relocating from China

As for relocating to China, our ASI Movers team will help you to handle all the pet export process to avoid stress and facilitate your whole family transition – because pet is family right?

Documents you will need:

  • Your passport copy.

  • A copy of your air ticket.

  • As stated before, your animal will be required to have a microchip and you must provide us with the related documents.

  • Rabies vaccination record (issued more than 30 days and less than a year before travel)

  • Your pet’s health certificate, which must be issued 7 days before departure.

  • Your animal’s blood test.

Depending on the country you are heading to, you might have to provide additional documents, we will inform you about when you contact us.
From moving your home to helping you handle your pet relocation process, ASI Movers feels entitled to make the process the clearest, smoothest possible. We aim at your pet not even realizing how many kilometers he/she will range!

Discover our full range of solutions!

How to Make Your Move Abroad the Smoothest Possible?

Today, we will look at all you have to think about and remember when you are planning to move. As there are many things to deal with, we designed a handful check-list to help you navigate through this key step more easily. Following this list is the best way to achieve a stress-free and smooth relocation process. Do not hesitate to print it and check it regularly to always have it on hand!


Ensuring a Smooth Move

What can facilitate your moving process? 

Check with your future employer or the rightful authorities the immigration policy and requirements of your host country. Prepare well in advance the papers and certificates that might be asked and make sure they will be valid when on the D-day. Passport, medical checkup and vaccination, criminal record, letter of acceptance from your future employer are the main documents that might be required. Some of those documents might be necessary to allow your personal goods to be imported.

It is time for a spring cleaning! Check with all the family members what will be kept and what will not. For clothing items you might not wear anymore, think about donating them to friends or charities. Nowadays, many charity programs gather a large array of items from clothes to toys, to the benefit of those who lack it.

Organizing your future interior and conceiving the rooms’ layout beforehand is a key. Arranging your interior’s layout will help you foreseeing which furniture will fit to your new place. Free interior planification tools are available nowadays to run simulation (e.g. IKEA, etc.), provided you already know the layout and measurement of your new home to do that.

If you have a pet, make sure you consult your vet to ensure your companion is healthy enough to travel and change environment, she/he has received all vaccinations needed (especially the rabbies) and has the host country’s required certificates. Some countries will also require for your little friend a microchip and a quarantine period.

Give notice to your landlord of your leaving, most of the time one month or more in advance. Remember to check your contract or the policy of your building. If you are living in a higher floor, sometimes heavy furniture shall not pass by the elevator. The moving company can arrange a forklift to process such a matter.

Once you have completed all the previous step, it is time to consult a moving company. Serious agents will visit your place to do the estimations, according to the volume you want to take with you. Check with the agent the fragile or unusual item that will require special care. The moving company will inform you about the regulations of your host country. Be aware that some items might be not allowed to move in your host country.

Inform the consulate your new home will depend on of your arrival. The staff will then deliver you a certificate enabling you to benefit from tax exemption on the goods imported during your moving process depending on the destination country. This document has to be presented to the customs by your moving company.

Preparing Your Life in a New Country

Preparing for your new life is as important as preparing for your move. New country, new habits, new languages, new people… If surprise is a part of the expatriation adventures, preparing upstream will make your integration easier and facilitate your life there.

Choosing your new address. Looking for a new home, if you are not on site and do not know well the country might seem difficult, but it is not impossible! First, you can target the area not so far from your work, or schools for your kids if you have some. Many websites give you highlights about the city, each suburbs vibe and also real estate average price. You can obtain some help from expats group and associations, with members already being established in the area you are targeting. They will have probably the better tips and contacts that will facilitate to find the best place for you. The other advantage to contact expats already on site is to make new friends upon your arrival.

From the same associations and contacts, you could get a list of the schools available Better not waiting the last minute to do so as some International schools have very limited available seat. To this purpose, you need to compile your children’s past achievements and record of their grades, you may ask the current school of your children to provide them to you. At the same time, you might notice them that you are leaving.

Be ready to discover new payment channels. Many of your interlocutors will not accept international transfers or other currencies. Get an appointment with your personal bank advisor to explain him your situation and see the option proposed by your bank. But you will probably need a new bank account there to benefit from some local services, so take time to review the different options available. Opening a local bank account remotely may not be possible in some countries, so that step need to be achieved when you are arriving there, but some online banking solutions nowadays exist and become more and more internationalized.

You will probably need a new insurance policy. Moreover, to be registered on the national social security system is mandatory in some countries, but some private regime exist. Your company might have some exclusivity with a broker that can offer solutions.

The Final Days

Your departure is now approaching! Here are our last recommendations for the last weeks before the D-Day:

Inform the business and services that you will move or even end-contract:

  • Gaz/electricity/water
  • Internet and phone providers
  • Post office: forward your mail at your new address or to a friend’s one
  • Bank & insurance, for your family, your new home and eventually your car
  • Social security
  • Tax registration
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Voter registration
  • Gym
  • International driver license

Inform also your friends and colleagues from your moving, give them your new address and contact information.

Check again with your moving company your relocation date, manage the last details and information’s you need to know about their process.

Gather your medical record, and eventually refill your prescriptions for the next months. Check if your medicines are allowed in your host country, gather some information about the equivalent that you will find there.

Compile in a file all digital copies of any important documents.

Empty your freezer and fridge, as to defrost them 2 days before the moving.

Empty your freezer and fridge, don't forget to defrost them the night before the move.

We hope that our ASI Movers to-do list will help you to not forget any important step on your moving process! According to your personal situation, this list can be augmented. These points are the basics to be used in every move abroad.

ASI Movers staff is at your disposal for any further information on your upcoming relocation, for you to be fully prepared and stress-free on the D-Day!


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