Office Move & Efficiency: The True Story of a Very Special Move

In the fast-paced realm of business, every second counts. In the event of an office move, the significance of a smooth transition can thus not be overstated to ensure no disruptions occur.

Last weekend, we had the pleasure to accompany a very special customer: our parent company ASI Logistics as well as our own teams!

The move was completed within a single day, allowing for ASI Logistics’ and ASI Movers’ teams to resume work seamlessly the following Monday in a brand new environment! How did we do it?

Today, we invite you to delve into the process of this very special move that hits very close to home!

Precision in Motion: Planning for a Seamless Move

In the world of office moves, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. ASI Movers understands this and takes pride in crafting tailor-made solutions that align with your company’s unique needs, priorities, and operations.

Prior to the office move, ASI Movers teams collaborate closely with our customer, in this case, ASI Logistics, to create a comprehensive solution tailored to fit their specific needs and priorities.

A dedicated relocation agent conducts a pre-move consultation in order to gain a deep understanding of the company’s operations, timeline, requirements, and fragile or sensitive items requiring special care.

ASI Movers leaves no stone unturned in understanding your specific requirements, ensuring you enjoy a relocation plan custom-built for your organization.

Packing With Purpose: Enabling Smooth Transition for Team Members

ASI Movers provided packing materials in advance, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap & filling paper, as well as label stickers, thus allowing our teammates to pack their personal belongings according to their preferences.

Employees thus had several weeks to start sorting through their items and prepare for the move, while ensuring a smooth transition once in the new office.

Labeling for Efficiency

Ever wondered how ASI Movers achieves seamless transition for your home or office move? The answer lies in their secret weapon: labels!

Just like we do for personal effects moves, each carton and item (including furniture, appliances, and electronic devices) received a special sticker indicating its destination in the new office.

These labels minimized disruptions, eliminating the need for employees to look for their belongings as well as the risks of loss, and ensuring a smooth settling-in process.

Thanks to this meticulous labeling, we are able to minimize disruptions and enable swift identification and placement of items in the new office, so that operations can resume instantly. g>

A Team of Experts to Ensure a Safe and Efficient Move

On Saturday, our experienced team of packers and movers sprang into action! Thanks to their expertise and attention to detail, they swiftly and carefully packed, transported, unloaded and unpacked the company’s items, ensuring their protection during transportation and their readiness when the teams resumed work.

Secure Transportation

ASI Movers utilized their specialized vehicles and equipment to transport the packed items to the new location. By adhering to rigorous safety standards and efficient loading, we safeguard the belongings throughout the journey.

Unpacking & Setup

Upon arrival at the new office, the ASI Movers team diligently unloaded the items, guided by the labels attached to each and every one of them, thus ensuring they are placed in their designated location and guaranteeing a seamless transition.

Fine-Tuning and Care

ASI Movers takes the extra step to ensure a flawless move by fine-tuning the setup and paying attention to details such as protecting lifts, walls, and floors.

Delicate technical equipment, such as computers and IT items, receive special care to ensure their safe and functional installation.

Seamless Transition for Smooth Operations

Thanks to the expertise and meticulous planning of ASI Movers, the office move for ASI Logistics and ASI Movers was completed within a single day.

By minimizing disruptions, ASI Movers enabled team members to seamlessly transition into their new workspace, allowing them to focus on what they do best—moving goods around the world!

Moving Soon?

Why should you choose ASI Movers as your trusted partner in the office move adventure?

  1. Precision Protection: ASI Movers’ expert teams go above and beyond to safeguard your surroundings during the move, ensuring the protection of lifts, walls, and floors. No accidental scratches or bumps to worry about!

  2. Customization and Efficiency: At ASI Movers, we embrace the uniqueness of every move and ensure that our solutions fit your organization and its needs. Our experienced teams are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition, no matter the origin or destination!

  3. Sensitive Items: Delicate technical equipment, such as computers and servers, receive the utmost care from ASI Movers. We understand the importance of these valuable assets and handle them with precision and caution, ensuring their safe arrival at the new office.

  4. Securing Your Confidentiality: Confidential data and vaults require special attention. ASI Movers collaborates closely with respective managers to plan a separate and secure move, prioritizing the protection of your most sensitive information.

  5. Departmental Harmony: ASI Movers recognizes the intricacies of different departments within your organization. Through meticulous planning and coordination, we develop a relocation schedule that minimizes disruptions, allowing each department to seamlessly resume their operations.

For the past 15 years, ASI Movers has been accompanying individuals, families and companies in their relocation journey.

No matter the origin, the destination, the volume, or the project, we design the most adapted moving solution to fit your needs and requirement!

Activity Update: To What Extent Can the Virus Impact Your Move?

Many clients have recently contacted us, rightfully questionning the impact of the coronavirus and of the measures taken to prevent its spread on their relocation project.

We would like to reassure our customers that our Shanghai team is currently operating. Even though our staff is only partially operational, we ensure the most complete service feasible. We aim at sticking to our planned conduct of operations to the extent permitted by the situation and by the rules implemented by the local authorities.

Please note that our teams of packers comply with the health recommendations and wear masks and gloves at any time.

We remain at your disposal for more detailed answers and regular updates regarding your move. Each project is indeed unique and might be subject to different regulations.

For those moving from Shanghai

We kindly invite you to contact your property manager beforehand in order to receive the instructions and rules they have implemented in your compound/building.

Each of them has drafted specific rules and you would need to check with them which ones will apply for your move.

Please note that, while some compounds require the packers' information, others will forbid them to come in altogether.

We also take the occasion to wish all our customers a happy and healthy year of the rat! We look forward to assist you this year in your local or international relocation projects the same way we did for the past decade!

Let’s Celebrate the end of 2019 and embrace 2020 together!

ASI Movers wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy festive season! 

This year has been full of exciting projects and collaborations, the occasion for us to thank our customers for their trust and have look back at the highlights of 2019!


This year, we have accompanied more than 600 customers in their relocation from or to 20 different countries, spread over the 5 continents!

In total, we have assisted them in moving 11,000 cbm of memories, cherished belongings and familiar furniture to their new home.


Among other beautiful projects, we have been pleased to work with the Shanghai French School in order to complete the move of their Shanghai Pudong campus to the brand new Shanghai Eurocampus of Yangpu. We are very proud of being a long time collaborator of the LFS, and are looking forward for the year to come!

We also were happy to perform the move of Shanghai's Former French Consul M. Druau., known for his excellent work in regard of the French community, for bringing synergy within the latter, and for greatly fostering the Sino-French relationships over the 4 years of his mandate.

As we did since our creation, 2019 is also a year we dedicated to sustain and strengthen the ties with our partners, participating in several events dedicated to the expat community and providing support in our collaborators projects.

We have also participated in the Shanghai Butterfly Football Cup, a charity event organized by the Rotary Club of Shanghai Elysee, for the benefit of the Debra Association. The latter is dedicated to helping the ones suffering from epidermolysis bullosa in China.

2019 has also been the year when new ASI Movers teams joined us around the globe: in France, in Vietnam and in Singapore! Always with the aim of ensuring the most qualitative service to our customers from origin to destination!

And the quality of our service has indeed been recognized: we have been IAMX certified! The IAM affiliation in itself is a proof of a mover's honesty, integrity, trustfulness and lawfulness. The IAMX special status is granted to strong and reliable partners of the association.

Thank you again for your trust this year, we are excited for the one to come and for the beautiful projects that will happen in 2020.

We wish you a happy festive season!

ASI Movers team

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ASI Movers Is Now IAMX Validated

ASI Movers is proud to announce we have been IAMX Validated!

IAM Overview

What Is IAM

The International Association of Movers (IAM) was founded more than 50 years ago. It was launched in the United States and initially gatherd 18 companies from the transportation industry, seeking for a unified legal representation.

In 1963, the scope of the association changed, the first international compeanies joined, opening the membership to all those with an interest in the moving industry.

In accordance with the latter orientation of the association, IAM (formerly known as the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, was renamed as we know it today i.e. the International Association of Movers.

What Is Its Purpose?

As the moving and forwarding industry's largest association (more than 2,400 members spread in over 165 countries), IAM provides its members, and thus ASI Movers, with programs and resources that participate in the constant improvement and adaptation of our services to changes in the global transportation industry. It also signifies a continuous strengthening of our international coverage, through enriching our network of partners all over around the world.

Being an IAM member also means we respect the association's code of ethics with keywords such as  honestyintegritytrustfullawful, acknowledging and respecting the cultural similarities and differencesresponsibility and professionalism at its core.


IAMX is a special status granted to strong and reliable partners of the association.

Being IAMX validated gives you, our customers, the assurance that ASI Movers' service quality, proper licensing, compliance, claims, etc. have been independently reviewed and recognized by IAMX.

At ASI Movers, we are dedicated to providing you with the most qualitative moving services to fit your needs no matter from and to where you relocate.

ASI Movers, moving in simplicity! 

Shanghai New Recycling Rules: What You Need to Know

Starting from Monday July 1st, it is compulsory for individuals and companies in Shanghai to sort their household trash.
Shanghai is the third largest and most populous city in the world! With a population of more than 26 million residents, Shanghai is the most trash generating city, with more than nine million tons per year. According to official statistics only 10% of the waste is recycled.
This new law will surely have a great impact on the city’s sustainability score. However, what does it mean for Shanghai’s residents and companies daily life? Let’s find out!

How does the new recycling system work?

 Waste has been divided into four types:

  • Wet trash: also called household food waste ( and represented by the color brown)

  • Recyclable: consists in papers, plastic, glass, textiles, metals (they must be cleaned first before being thrown away) and the bin is blue.

  • Dry trash: also named residual waste. You can throw in used tissue, dirty plastic bags, etc. The designated bin is black

  • And finally, hazardous waste: it encompasses any waste posing threats to the public health or environment. The trash bin is red.

To help you sort out and recycle effectively your rubbish, you can refer to the following tables:

What if you don’t comply with the new rules?

Individuals breaking the new trash sorting rules are going to be charged with 200 yuan, while companies and organizations risk fines up to 50000 yuan.

Why did China implement these rules?

For a while, China used to import and accept other countries’ waste for processing. In January 2018, the country enacted a plastic import ban, initiating its transition. Now the country is trying to tackle its own trash. The Chinese government is concerned about the country’s pollution issue and has started to take action in order to prevent further damage. Keep in mind that, according to the World Bank, China was expected to produce approximately 533 million tons of waste by 2030.

Moreover, China is in the sixth year of a “war on pollution” designed not only to clean up its sky, soil or water, but it also consists in utilizing comprehensively its resources, including waste.
A green revolution has started in Shanghai and it is about to spread quickly to the rest of the country. By 2020, the Chinese government is planning on expanding the recycling rules across 46 Chinese cities.

How is the response to this change?

The new sorting rules have left many residents scratching their heads over which bin to throw their rubbish into, although the government hired instructors and conducted more than 13,000 training sessions around the city, the confusion remains.
The topic went viral on Chinese Social Medias. On one hand, many people expressed their sympathy towards this sustainable measure, on the other hand numerous others are still worried about making mistakes.
Many apps were launched to help the residents sorting their waste. They are available on Wechat, Alipay and Apple store.

Test your knowledge on WeChat with this in-app game!

Companies seem to be struggling as well while sorting their waste. Hotels for example decided to ban disposable goods (like toothbrushes). Recently, many restaurants and food delivery companies banned plastic cutlery as well.

Times are changing in Shanghai towards a more sustainable city. However, as it is the case with any evolution, adapting requires efforts and might appear challenging. At ASI Movers , we believe in greener initiatives, yet understand the struggles such a sudden change can bring to our fellow expats, especially when one is still adapting to one’s new life in China!
Our aim remains to help you in your expatriation journey. Because it is hardly an easy task, and because relocating should be the least of your worries, we provide you with the most qualitative and comprehensive moving services from, to and within China!

ASI Movers in Vietnam!

Did you know that ASI Movers now has its own relocation team in Vietnam?

After France, ASI Movers sets its new teams in Vietnam, in our aim to continue expanding our qualitative services across the world. Our teams in both China and Vietnam collaborate and manage your move from packing to delivery at the destination in order to enable a smooth and stress-free relocation process for our customers.
Our operational teams are located in Ho Chi Minh city! Thanks to our 10-year experience, we will provide you the best service if you are planning to relocate from, to or within Vietnam! No matter the location, the quality of our services remains the same.

Our next stop: Singapore!

ASI Movers in France!

Did you know that ASI Movers has its own relocation team in France?

Our teams in both China and France coordinate and manage your move from packing at origin to delivery at destination, enabling you to enjoy a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Our operational teams are located in Paris, Bordeaux and Marseille. In addition, our over 30 collaborators, together with our 10-year experience will provide you the best care for your upcoming relocation.

Our next stops: Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore.

See you soon!

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